What Some Clients Are Saying...

  • “Smart Equity has a built-in tracking system that compares where I should be to where I am. Using Smart Equity, I went from paying my mortgage in 27 years to paying it off in 5. In fact, right now, I’m on track to pay it off even faster than that!”


    “After spending 45 minutes with Smart Equity customer care I can’t believe how much better I feel knowing the sky is not falling. I was hoping to pay of my loans so I could buy a home. I’ve paid thousands in interest on my loans and I still owe the same for the past five years. The worst part is I didn’t even realise how much interest only I was paying. Now I’ll be debt free in less 3 than years.”


    “I am fifty five years old and single and If not for Smart Equity I would have been still making mortgage payments in my eighties. Now I’ll be free of debts including my mortgage at the age of sixty five.”


  • I was dealing with my bank to put a plan to pay off my mortgage faster. Then I worked out a plan with the smart equity program and it cut the time to pay off my mortgage in half the time of the banks plan and saved thousands more in interest payments.

    I implemented the smart equity plan immediately.


    "I was sold on the service after completing the analysis and seeing first hand what was possible with this program. We talked with other lenders and they all said they can help us get a mortgage but no one else showed us how to save so much interest payments and pay off our mortgage so quickly."


    "I've never had this level of support in helping me save money on my mortgage before. I couldn't believe how fast I could become mortgage free. Customer support help me set the whole thing up."


  • "Going over the smart equity program help me find the just right mortgage to fit my needs."


    "Before running my numbers though the SmartEquity program I never realized how fast I could pay off my credit card debt and mortgage and I have a detailed plan to follow. This is wonderful!"


    "The program works so well to keep me focused on my goal of mortgage freedom. The budgeting component keeps me on track every month and I feel more in control than ever before."